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Bingley Dance is primarily a fun studio but we do have a serious side as well. Many of our pupils enjoy taking part in competitions of which we attend around 6 or 7 a year (don’t worry we keep travelling time down to 1½ hours or less so you always get back to sleep in your own bed!).

Pupils will compete in various disciplines from Solo, Pairs, Teams, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Slow Dance and even sometimes Hip Hop!  All competitions are broken down by age and ability.  Children as young as 3 compete and the level starts from Beginners and goes right up to Premier Championship!  If taking part in competitions interests you please have a word with Maureen.

Private tuition for competitors is mandatory for Solo & Slow and must be booked at least once a month.  These lessons can be more frequent but this is the minimum.  Rock & Roll or Doubles lessons can also be booked at request.  Please speak to one of the Freestyle teachers about prices.

We hold medal examinations on various dates throughout the year where an independent examiner comes from the United Kingdom Alliance of Dance Teachers to take the exam.
It is compulsory for all pupils under 18 to take three medal exams per calendar year, as this gives the children something to aim for and encourages them to improve.


Purple and Orange are our school colours at Bingley Dance Studio and all children (except the Tiny Tots class) will be expected to wear dance wear in these two colours. It can be a mixture of the two colours or just one. Crop tops, tank tops, cycling shorts, hot pants, leggings, unitards, leotards and catsuits in lycra or stretch velvet are suitable.

We do offer a range of pesonalised ‘Bingley Dance Studio – Dancer’ leggins to be purchased, as well as crop tops, shorts and jackets.  Please speak to Maureen if you would like to look at ordering any of these.

Although we prefer the above, trousers may be worn but they must be dance trousers in the school colours and be made of either lycra or stretch velvet. Track suit bottoms are not suitable except for boys.

Payment and Membership

After the first month (or part of depending when you start) all children’s classes are to be paid for calendar monthly and the fees are due on the first lesson of the month. The fees are averaged out throughout the year. Fees must be paid whether lessons are taken or not (apart from holidays when we must be notified on payment of fees). No refunds will be given for classes not attended.

One full calendar months notice is required for termination of classes or one full month’s fees in lieu of notice.
As we are a private members clubs everyone attending either a class or social dance must be a member by law.

An enrolment/membership form must be completed when accepted as a pupil. The cost of the membership is £4.50 per annum for Under 18’s and senior citizens and £6.00 per annum for adults. A 25p surcharge per class is made for temporary membership.

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